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Welcome to wonderful of the Social Sciences. Although these courses might not answer every question you have about life, we will definitely explore all possibilities. It is no secret that the study of the history of humanity is controversies and has what appears to be some, at time significant, questionable facts. Therefore it is very important that you maintain an open mind as we explore history and determine its accuracy and level of significance. Remember, often history is not what actually happened; it is what the majority believes. 

In these courses students, like yourself, will study the major turning points that shaped the modern world and the events that are an important element of today. Through the courses, you will analyze historical world events and the cultural, economic, geographical, and political interactions of people throughout history. Through this process, you will develop an understanding of historical origins of current world issues, especially as they pertain to international relations. You will also trace the rise of democratic ideas and ideals, and actively consider multiple accounts of events in order to understand them from a variety of perspectives. 

Upon completion of this course the you will be able to: 
Demonstrate the ability to think critically, learn autonomously, and to solve problems by successfully completing challenging group and individual assignments and projects, which they helped develop. Through the application of historical and social science analysis skills, students will enhance their intellectual, reasoning, reflective, and research skills. 

You will take on an active role your education, learn and understand how American society, political systems, and the economy function within a historical context; understand and appreciate the diversity in the United States and the world community; will be able to engage the community, participate in community activities, and embrace their responsibilities of citizenship with a deeper understanding and respect of their civic duty. 

The purpose of these courses is to investigate, challenge, debate, and critically analyze events, trends, and issues of history and modern society. The content of these courses will be both rigorous and relevant to life and the skill that are needed for continued academic success.