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Vision, Mission & Values Statement



Avance exemplifies student success as academic and professional empowerment and community leadership.



Avance sets the standard for public charter school excellence via rigorous college and career preparation that inspires a lifetime of learning and leading. 



Avance places quality education first, and values a professional culture of community, diversity and fiscal and social responsibility.




An Avance graduate is conscious and demonstrates: 

  • Self-awareness that leads to physical and psychological well being.
  • Aware of the importance of global citizenship, which includes services to all levels of the community.
  • Understands the value of social justice and respects all human beings.
  • Understands the importance and value of effective work habits, including integrity, honesty and self-reliance.


An Avance graduate uses reason and demonstrates: 

  • The necessary skills and knowledge for college success.
  • Creative, critical thinking skills and strategies for successful problem solving.
  • Ability to research, analyze, evaluate, and logically synthesize information.
  • Effective multiple learning strategies that will enable a life-long learner as a result of cognitive awareness.


An Avance graduate uses synergy and demonstrates: 

  • Respect by acknowledges the contributions and opinions of others.
  • The value of cooperation, collaboration, and sharing of ideas.


An Avance graduate uses action and demonstrates: 

  • Development of personal goals and undertakes the necessary steps to accomplish them.
  • Ideas and information clearly and effectively through various media.
  • Leadership skills, including integrity, vision, creativity, and self-discipline.
  • A contribution to the improvement of the quality of life in their families, community, and the world.