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Academia Avance’s House is a curriculum component--not just a homeroom--designed to create a partnership between the student, parent, and house leader. House enables parents and teachers to communicate more effectively and increases the conversation among all shareholders. Every Avance teacher is a House Leader, where he/she is responsible for guiding no more than 30 students in academic, professional, and character growth. House period occurs daily and during this time, students work on lessons that connect to our Avance Core Values (Consciousness, Reason, Synergy, Action) along with other important characteristics such as Zest, Grit, Optimism, Gratitude and Social Intelligence. In addition, students are required to work on yearly goals and participate in a conference with their house leader once a week to monitor their progress. Here is a closer and informal look at our House program:

  • Sixth and Seventh grade students meet for house period at the beginning of the day. The focus here is: Leadership, Etiquette and Character Building
  • Eighth grade meets for house period before lunch time. The focus here is: 7 Habits of Effective Teens in connection with the Avance Core Values and focused characteristics.
  • Ninth through Eleventh grade meet either before or after lunch, depending on the site they are at. The focus here is: Avance Core Values, Focused Characteristics, Study Time, House Leader Conferences.

Having a House enables Academia Avance teachers to create a “family” like bond and community. Furthermore, teachers connect with the whole student beyond school time, which in turn provides a sense of security for our students.