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Outreach & Recruitment Plan

Outreach and Recruitment Plan and Outcomes

Outreach efforts for student recruitment to Avance will take place in the communities that fall within or adjacent to the Franklin High School enrollment zone. These include the Northeast Los Angeles communities of:

  • Highland Park
  • Cypress Park/Glassell Park/Atwater Village
  • El Sereno
  • Garvanza/Hermon
  • Lincoln Heights 
  • Mt. Washington  

Annual Outreach Efforts Methods

Annual notification of application availability will be given to large numbers of students reflective of racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds through the following methods: 

  • Year Long - Public notification of all inscription dates and requirements in the local community newspaper: The Northeast Sun and El Aviso.
  • Spring and Summer - Community outreach efforts including working with local council members’ field offices, local public libraries, park and recreation centers, community based organizations, churches and synagogues.
  • Year Long - Developing and maintaining a website with current information about the school.
  • Year Long - Publicizing our instructional program, hosting community open houses.
  • Year Long - Providing tours of the school and speaking to interested parties.
  • All outreach efforts will be tailored in English and other languages as needed.

Projected Enrollment 

Projected enrollment for each year for purposes of planning our budgets and operations the following are our enrollment projections for the term of this charter:

Enrollment Rool-Out Plan