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About the Staff: Fun Facts

Ms. Contreras
Hometown: El Sereno
Favorite Book(s): Ishmael & Beyond Civilazation (Daniel Quinn)
Favorite Movie(s): The Bandit Queen
Favortie Music Genre: All but Country
High School: John Glenn High School
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Gardening, Making Herbal Medicine, Community Organizing 
Mr. Rodriguez
Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Book(s): Enders Game
Favorite Movie(s): Good Will Hunting
Favorite Music Genre: Norteno
High School: Palma High School
College: SJSU B. Science Kinesiology 
Graduate School: I/P CSULB MS Kinesiology
Zodiac Sign: Cancer 
Favorite Hobbies: Coaching Soccer
Hometown: Culver City, Ca
Favorite Book(s): The Book of Basketball
Favorite Movie(s): The Sandlot
Favorite Music Genre: Hip-Hop
High School: Hawthorne High School
College: UCLA (℅ 2006) B.A. Political Science
Graduate School: Mount St. Mary’s College/Clear Credential Program
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Favorite Hobbies: Sports(baseball,softball,basketball),cooking,grilling,Hip-Hop Music
Ms. Roquel
Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Book(s): The Petite Prince
Favorite Movie: The Graduate 
Favorite Music Genre: Classic Rock
High School: King/Drew Medical Magnet High School
College: University of California Riverside
Graduate School: Pepperdine University 
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Favorite Hobbies: Watching films
Ms. Huang
Hometown: Rosemead
Favorite Book(s): Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Movie(s): The Notebook
Favorite Music Genre: Pop Rock
High School: Rosemead High
College: UC Davis with B.A. in Chinese and Asian American Studies
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Hobbies: LA Lakers & USC Trojans Fan, Sport Fanatic
Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Book(s): Change Your Thoughts,Change Your LIfe
Favorite Movie(s): Tim Burton Films
Favorite Music Genre: Alternative
High School: Abraham Lincoln HS
College: CSULA, BA Child Development 
Graduate School: Attending Pacific Oaks College MA MFT
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Favorite Hobbies: Walking my dogs,Family time
Hometown: South Pasadena
Favorite Book(s): To Kill a Mockingbird 
Favorite Movie(s): Sound of Music 
Favorite Music Genre: Disco
High School: Ramona Convent Alhambra, Ca
College: USC BS in Business Administration
Graduate School: Gonzaga University, Candidate for MA
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Favorite Hobbies: Church,Community, and School Volunteer/ Walking Around the Rose Bowl