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Welcome to the Mandarin Program webpage!

Learn to speak, write, read, and listen in Mandarin Chinese. Explore the daily life, holidays, traditions, ideas, attitudes, and values central to the Chinese culture. 

In this increasingly global economy, students gain a global perspective on language and different cultures of the world in general, but especially the Chinese culture--the customs, history and traditions and its corresponding myths and fables, daily life, family and gender roles, cultural values, world view, Western stereotypes of the Chinese people and culture. As students' knowledge of Chinese grows, they discover usefulness of the language through real-life circumstances and settings (e.g. Chinese restaurants and ESL4Asia exchange program opportunities).

Our Mandarin Program is dedicated to fostering curiosity and interest of students about the Chinese language and culture through original and hands-on curriculum, and motivate in them an inherent interest to continue to learn about it. Come visit our classrooms today!